Business Culture, Hawlitzeck & Weichl PartG, was founded by Dieter Weichl and Jörg Hawlitzeck in 2004. Both of them accompany human beings and organizations since 1995 respectively 2000.

Business Culture is working in entire Europe. The team of trainers consists of highly qualified partners who are working exclusively for Business Culture. Training is offered in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Our vital principles, with the help of which we can be evaluated:

  • We say “yes” to things we can do. We are not afraid of saying “no”.
  • We respect human beings as well as organizations. Towards third parties we preserve strict discretion.
  • Our agreements are precise. We fulfill them and we are responsible for our actions.
  • Measurable qualitative results are the benchmark for our work.
  • We are thinking in possibilities.